Waited too long

This past weekend I had the pleasure of talking story with the wonderful women of Oliver Creek Church in Arlington, Tennessee.

At the end of our time together, one of the women presented me with this beautiful necklace and earring set. I was touched by her generosity. I read her name tag and said, “Thank you so much, Marlene.”

It wasn’t until later that I learned this sweet woman had stayed up until midnight the night before our retreat to make me this gift. Even more astounding, she’d had a mild stroke on Thursday and still wasn’t feeling well. But she’d committed to having this gift ready and was determined to follow through with her promise.

I should have gone back and thanked her again before she left.

But I didn’t.

To my shame, I got busy signing books and talking to others and just let her slip out quietly. I’ll write her a thank you note when I get home, I thought.

And I did.

First thing Monday morning. I even dropped it in the mail that very day.

On Tuesday she had a major stroke. As of now, she’s unresponsive. She may never see my note of gratitude.

How I wish I would have taken the time to hug her.

If there’s someone you need to thank, do it today.