When you refuse to move forward

Sometimes the steel-toed boot of life kicks us square in the teeth. Unexpected blows can crush us, set us back on our heels, and put an end to our dreams. When I went on my small towns of Texas #WalkingShoesTour I visited Pottsville, TX. Pottsville was a thriving little farming community until the bottom fell out of farming/ranching, kids left the country and moved to the city in search of a better life, and the highway never became a major thoroughfare.

As a result, not much is left of Pottsville, TX today.

People can become ghost towns too...if they refuse to move forward. 

I'm excited to reveal the cover for Book #3 in the Mt. Hope Southern Adventures series. I'm so excited to share this phase of Leona's story. As you remember, life kicked Leona in the teeth. In DANCING SHOES, Leona must decide how to move forward. Some days she does it well. Some days she doesn't. But I'll guarantee you this: you'll laugh until you cry every step of her journey.

Stay tuned, the links will be live in a couple of days.