New Book Release

I'm so excited to announce the release of the first book in another new series. If you loved the folks in Mt. Hope, you're going to love the Women of Fossil Ridge. Sara, Charlotte, and Aria are three of the toughest, funniest, and most outlandishly stubborn women you'll ever meet.

This story began to percolate in my head when my mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. For two years, I was sandwiched between caring for my mother and raising my teenagers. Some days were wonderful. Some days were tough. But on every single day I felt like I was failing someone. When I was with my mom, I worried about my kids. When I was with my family, I worried that something about Mom's care would be missed. 

I thought I was alone in this, and if it hadn't been for my ability to find laughter in the darkness, I think I would have lost my mind. But did you know that according to the Family Caregiver Alliance nearly 43.5 million Americans provided unpaid care to an adult or a child in the last 12 months.

Postponing your life to care for another's life can be extremely stressful and draining. But I believe loving someone with everything you've got also has great rewards.

If you're currently caring for someone or know someone who is, I pray this book gives you a dose of strength, an appreciation for this opportunity, and a humorous break from the heartache. Above all, I hope this book reflects God's love for us...His willingness to put aside His throne and come to this earth to minister to us.

This book is for anyone who's sandwiched between stifling obligations.

You can get the ebook copy at your favorite digital retailer now. Paper copies will be available soon.

Blessings, dear readers.