The River Between Duty and Love

So much of Flying Fossils centers around the Frio River and the secrets buried there. You may be wondering why I chose this Texas river. 

Years ago, our family used to attend a family encampment at the HE Butt Foundation Camp near Leakey, TX. This gorgeous property is tucked away in the peaceful limestone hills. You know you're there when you come to a sign that says: Drive in the River.

That's right, you have to drive your car into the river. For what seems like forever, you must inch along a rock-solid river bed covered with 3-5 inches of the coldest water you've ever felt. Our kids used to beg to get out and run alongside the car. While they were having the time of their lives, I kept a white-knuckle grip on the dashboard. 

For the most part, unless it's spring and the rains have flooded the canyons, the river is not very deep...except for the Blue Hole,a pool of crystal clear water at least twenty feet deep. Campers can't seem to resist jumping from the jagged bluff that overlooks this swimming hole. 

This place of exquisite beauty also held a great deal of terror for me. I'm not a very strong swimmer. It scared me to death every time my husband took our children to the ledge and let them leap from the bluff. Fortunately, they were never hurt. And no...I never jumped. I floated on an inner tube and cheered them on...all the while holding my breath and praying.

I think what attracted me to use the Frio for the setting of Flying Fossils was this stark contrast between peace and danger. No one can predict an unfortunate tragedy. But when they happen, the damage it can do to a family is very predictable.

Sara and Charlotte loved this river...until it took everything from them. I'm praying they can somehow find their way back to the the only thing that can't be taken from

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photo credit: Vicki Cunningham