If you could visit another time and place, where would you go?

I grew up on a Kansas dairy farm. Our cows didn’t travel. So neither did we.

I longed for adventure. I wanted to visit exotic places and meet famous people. Imaginary trips became my escape from rural isolation.

I loved history. Laura Ingalls Wilder grew up not far from our humble farm. In an instant, my mind could magically transform a tree house into a medieval castle, hay bales into a pioneer fort, or a dank root cellar into a time portal that could transport me into ancient civilizations.

In my make-believe world, I was bold, brave, and beautiful. The heroes were handsome and romantic. Humanity’s fate hung in the balance. Good always triumphed over evil. And in the end, I left the past in far better shape than I found it.

Outlandish journeys still feed my creative soul. I love to explore Roman baths, traipse through old English castles, or poke around in small Texas towns. My mind goes crazy imagining myself living in these different worlds.

I believe the greatest conflicts are fought within the human heart. If you're looking for the perfect hero, you'll have to read someone else.

The stories I write launch modern women into amazing adventures. If you long to step away from the ordinary, open my books, and come away with me.